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Venga Calorie Orange   (500ml x 12 pack)

Venga Calorie Orange (500ml x 12 pack)

SKU : Venga_Calorie_Orange_20Kcal_case_x_12

Venga Calorie A proprietary formulation for active adults looking to complement their diet and workout routines

 Added value

            No questionable and exotic ingredient lists

            Trusted ingredients and agents

            Clear and direct communication

            Naturalness instead of complexity

 Low calorie recipes

            Sweetened only with fruit juices and sucralose

            Less than 20 calories per 500ml/16.8 fl oz bottle

 Sugar free energy-kick for more activity

            Stimulating green tea and green coffee bean extracts

            High natural caffeine level (30mg/100ml)

            Without Taurin or other artificial energy drink ingredients

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