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Venga Functional Infusions are non-carbonated tea/fruit-juice blended drinks, which have been enriched with valuable vitamins and essential minerals and are made only with natural ingredients, plant-based nutritional supplements and bioactive extracts for great taste with true functionalities.

Thanks to our cutting-edge, gentle cold-aseptic filling technology, all vitamins, flavors and ingredients are fully preserved to guarantee genuine Venga quality at their peak of freshness. This also removes any need to use any kind of preservatives, while simultaneously achieving a shelf life of 18 months in normal, non-refrigerated storage conditions.

+ True functionalities
+ Natural fruit juices
+ Select tea infusions
+ Honest ingredients   
+ Bioactive plant extract
+ Antioxidant protection
+ Valuable vitamins
+ Essential minerals
+ Scientifically formulated
+ Great taste

– No preservatives
– No artificial colors
– No artificial flavors
– No hidden additives
– No GMOs
– No compromise

Our line-up includes various functionalities, filled in 500ml PET bottles, 12 count cases, produced in Italy.


Who we work with...

  • seariver distributionHotels, Restaurants
  • Foodservice
  • Retail & Mulitples
  • Gyms & Leisure
  • Schools & Colleges

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What our clients say...

"The natural Honeycomb has the ‘Wow Factor’ and our guests love it. The Feeback has been excellent & we also serveit with our cheeseboards & in cocktails! Visually beautiful with wonderful taste."

...Darina Brennan - Ex Chef Clayton Hotels

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